Evidence Used To Prove Speeding In Norfolk

Police officers in Norfolk use a variety of methods to determine whether a driver is driving too fast in and around Norfolk. Officials are using a variety of tools, including RADAR and LIDAR, to determine the speed in Virginia. The Radar / Lidar instruments used in Va. are generally considered to be extremely precise. Officials … Read more

Defense For Driving On A Virginia Suspended License

Driving without a license is an offence that can also serve as a prelude to other traffic offences that you may already be facing. If you have a valid reason to drive even though you do not have a driving license, it can be difficult to make your case in court, and a lawyer can … Read more

Possession of Child Pornography Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia law characterizes child pornography as sexually express material that is visual and that uses a minor or has an identifiable minor as the subject. At the season of the portrayal, the child must be a minor, which is characterized as less than 18 years of age, and a genuine individual. Visual material is … Read more

Prince William Virginia Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion Laws

The tax evasion or tax fraud can result in both criminal and civil penalties. If you commit tax fraud, you may be subject to both civil and criminal (federal) investigation. Facing investigation is not an easy task. Once the investigation starts, you may never get out of one. Even if the investigation stops, the IRS … Read more

Red Light and Stop Sign Tickets in Henrico Virginia

In case you get a red light or a stop sign ticket in Henrico Virginia, it is most likely that you will be looking at having to pay a fine. In addition to fine, certain DMV demerit points will also be added against your driving record. If you are approaching a signal exhibiting a red … Read more

Richmond Virginia Prohibited Consensual Sexual Activity Laws

In Richmond Virginia, if you feel that any sexual activity that should not be regulated by the federal or state law of the Virginia or you feels that the sexual mores must be enforced by the state, you just need to know the laws of the place where you live.  It is becoming enhancing rare … Read more

Shenandoah Virginia Driving Without Registration Lawyer

It is very difficult and stressful to face the court for your penalties, but having a Shenandoah traffic lawyer on your side will always help you fight your ticket. If you want to drive in Shenandoah, Virginia it is extremely important to have a valid motor vehicle registration. If you are caught without a registration … Read more

What Every Driver Should Know About Speeding In Virginia

In Virginia, educate yourself about the speeding; you were confused if you get stopped for speeding even for those not living in Virginia. The effect of this incident can be very severe because it will include the sentence to the jail. In this state every driver should know about the speeding, this state has very … Read more

What is the legal blood alcohol level in Virginia

As per the Code of Virginia, 18.2-269. Presumptions from alcohol or drug content of blood. In any prosecution for a violation of § 18.2-36.1 or clause (ii), (iii), or (iv) of § 18.2-266 or any similar ordinance, the amount of alcohol or drugs in the blood of the accused at the time of the alleged … Read more