Defense For Driving On A Virginia Suspended License

Driving without a license is an offence that can also serve as a prelude to other traffic offences that you may already be facing. If you have a valid reason to drive even though you do not have a driving license, it can be difficult to make your case in court, and a lawyer can help.

A qualified lawyer can work with you to build a solid defense of the charges and ensure that you know what to expect at every step of the trial. Think about a few things that can help someone build a defense against driving in Virginia with a suspended license.

One is non-payment of court costs and fines. If a person knows that someone is going to prosecute them for a certain amount of money and that they should pay him, missing notification is not a defense. The secretary does not send a letter to the person and for no other reason than the secretary has not forgotten his message.

The second really depends on an earlier conviction. A conviction carries a suspension. Certain convictions could be followed by a suspension, but not all.

This is because the convictions come from different states. Virginia honors the beliefs of other states because we have the full faith and credit clause. However, what often happens is that the elements of indictment are very different in one State than in another, which is abbreviated by elements of the same State, such as the Criminal Code or the Civil Code.

For example, what is known as a DUI in North Carolina is not a DUI in Virginia. At this point, a look at the elements of the conviction would determine whether you were convicted of a DUI inside or outside North Carolina. That is not what makes Virginia a completely different creature, and there should be suspension.

The ignition lock must be attached to the Audit. A person must pay a statutory reinstatement fee to get their license back. They must also present a copy of their driving license and proof of insurance.

They need to know what the court date is. It could be a game-changer. If a person forgets the ticket, they must appear on the day of the trial to be charged. The ticket would be payable and can be paid if it is allowed.

If the date is to be taken seriously, it must be on the same day as the court date, not the day of the trial.

People need to be proactive and read the letters they receive from the police if necessary.

If you get multiple tickets in a relatively short time, check how many points you have on your ticket. Anyone who falls under the “driving ban” category does not want to complete a driving course or be put on probation. A traffic attorney can also help you build a case for driving in Virginia with a suspended license.

There are fees that have to be paid, there are insurance effects and, if convicted, very serious charges can be brought.

It is particularly serious for those facing a conviction for driving without a licence. Contacting an attorney is the first step in establishing a defense for driving in Virginia with a license, and a competent traffic attorney will review the facts to determine whether the defense can be relied upon, what mitigations might help the person before the court date and achieve the best possible outcome.